Friday, November 21, 2008

My opinion regarding shoes

This might just be my opinion, but I totally believe it as truth. I have to. Okay blog friends, here's a reveal. I have big feet. Size 10, sometimes 11. I would be the perfect size 10 1/2, but for some reason the shoe people don't make such a size for American feet. Why do all the other shoe sizes get a 1/2?? I'm guessing they figure once you hit the world of size 10s it really doesn't matter anymore. Hope is lost. Good luck sister.

These days I'm okay with my big and archless feet...really I am. Growing up, I listened to my mom say over and over in response to my complaints..."well at least you have feet." Amen. My point is when I stumble upon the rare discovery of a size 10ish shoe that not only fits, but is comfy and somewhat attractive those shoes are mine. End of discussion. No questions asked. Footwear purchases justified. BTW what time does DSW close?


krisztina maros said...

love this fine texture! so nice work (and you're right about buying shoes...)

Momo said...

I know a friend who shares exactly the same opinion.

Great collage work.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so funny! And good work too! And as to the post...yep, that's got to be a real pain (pun intended). I know someone who has the same problem and she buys mens shoes quite often. And actually, they're very nice! Here (Europe), shoe styles are a bit different and almost everyone wears baskets(flat style walking shoes they're not athletic shoes) you can't really tell the difference anymore, I've even seen men's baskets in black patent, go figure.

Fadas & C.ยช said...

Great technique! What really nice illustration! Congratullations!

Debbie Egizio said...

"Well at least you have feet!" ??

That just made me laugh so hard!!!!
Of all things to say that about. Moms always have a way of putting things, right?

Well, you just made my day!!!!!!


Love your illustration too!

studio lolo said...

Your mom's a crack-up! I used to be a size 5 1/2-6 and now I'm a 7-7 1/2 in my older age. I don't know how old you are but prepare for your feetsies to grow some more!

Love the illo!

mystele said...

i'm so thrilled to have found your blog via craftsanity. your whimsy + gorgeous colors make me drool. excited to read your blog. take care!