Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Check this out

If you've been hanging around here at all you may recognize the lunch survey on page 42 of the December/January edition of Family Fun. I posted my idea here first, and now have been honored to have it included this month in one of my very favorite mags. You can go to Family Fun to download a copy or since you're here scroll over to the right in my "Printables" section. Click on lunch survey to read about the inspiration and then click on the survey itself to print. Try it out on your kiddos. It's a great way to hear more about their day at school. Plus they'll love it. promise.

And while we're on the topic of surveys to check, here's another post from last year that is once again perfect for the season. I created these Thankful coloring place mats for the kids at our Thanksgiving table.The idea was to start the wheels turning about all the big and little things to be thankful for and why we celebrate this holiday. Poor Thanksgiving sure gets overlooked what with Christmas decorations hitting the stores before Halloween. You can click on Thankful coloring sheet link in my "Printables" section to the right. Then click on the image itself (private use only please) for your Thanksgiving festivities.


Shani said...

Wow! I'm so impressed with your lettering!!! That's something I'd like to improve upon for myself, I'm too computer dependent for type and that really lacks the warmth of hand lettering. Bravo! Very well done!

curlyillustrator said...

I love this! It's simple and very meaningful! I love Thanksgiving and this helps kids be reflective. I would love to try making something like this too. Thanks for sharing! It's really wonderful.