Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Out of the blue and Out on location

This Friday night is the opening for the group show "Out of the Blue" featuring local artists at Red Tree Gallery. I have four pieces in the show including the one pictured above titled "Renaissance". I couldn't get those butterflies out of my head.

This week me and my ArtBin are also "Out on location" painting murals at a local animal hospital. I'll show you pictures of the finished product in a couple of weeks. With all of this going on (I'm graphic designing too!) my new studio is taking a way back seat...along with quite a few other things. Busy is good, but I'm still looking forward to things settling down just a bit in the upcoming weeks.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


If I were a contestant on American Idol, I'm imagining that I'd get a critique of "pitchy" and "all over the place" by Simon for this piece. I'd stand up there holding my art and say "Simon, you are absolutely right. I turned in a composition that is way too busy, has no focal point or sense of balance. I agree. However, you asked me to illustrate "Forgotten" and so I did. This work captures exactly what my brain is doing when I'm at the grocery store. Does the piece make you feel flustered, uneasy, wanting to run?? Yes?? Then I have just brought you into my world and how I feel about going to the grocery store." Then I 'd turn to the camera and say "America, please base the success of the piece I just performed on that. Remember that I have a three-year-old with me while I grocery shop. Sometimes I make a list and when I do I usually forget the list or forget to look at the list. I'm trying to remember if I have a coupon for Orville Redenbacher popcorn or Jiffy Pop. I have to remember to use my shopper card. Then the three-year-old wants out of the cart so I have to keep one eye on her and one eye on how much grapes are costing per pound. Finally, I'll be on my way home with all the groceries loaded in the car thinking 'I did it' when I remember that I forgot the milk. Milk being the only thing I really came in for. Vote America!" Of course by now Ryan would have already escorted me off the stage, the commercials would be playing and half of my manic speech would have gone unheard.

Anyway, that's my submission for Illustration Friday's topic of the week: forgotten. Now what did I come here for?

Friday, June 6, 2008

studio painter for hire

There is a magnetic attraction between gallons of paint and three-year-olds. Having a canvas that is 8 feet tall with 14 feet surrounding on four sides helps too. Dad's tender heart could only take so many of the, "Daddy, can I pleeeeeeeze, pleeeeze help you paint??????"

And thus we witnessed the hypnotic power of paint.

Unfortunately, this sweet daddy/daughter painting experience didn't last long. Too much up, down, dancing, swirling, twirling, having to go potty. This happening with paint brush in one hand and sippy cup in the other. And don't think she wasn't interested in providing more assistance. Many tears were involved when we asked her to turn in the brush. Three-year-old painting apprentices really love what they do, however (without a doubt) the best time to hire one is during nap time.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

studio plans

After nine years of a home studio/office space in the basement I'm relocating to the first floor. Yeah, just like the Jeffersons. Moving on up. I'll be moving into what was our guest bedroom. A space with windows. Real windows rather than the basement glass block. This means they can be opened...fresh air, natural light while I'm working. I'm really excited about the windows.

The tricky part is finding that perfect time to make the move which of course there isn't. There is much involved with relocating even if only upstairs. I've been working with a closet company to design a functional space, an electrician to rewire for my computer, phone/Internet and office equipment and my DH to move furniture and paint. Speaking of paint we haven't started yet, but up top are my choices. My goal is a warm, inviting, neutral-but-not-so-neutral-there's-no-personality space. I don't want the space to overwhelm or compete with what is being created. The ceiling will have a splash of the bright color that I love. We'll see how that works. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about how it's all going to come together.

So over the next several days this is what will be going on around here..painting, installing, moving, organizing. I'll post pix of the process. If you're like me there's nothing better than watching a studio redo. In fact I purchased this CPS Studios edition when I was in the initial planning stages. Fun stuff. I love peeking into other artist's work spaces. Okay I need to run. There is much to be done around here. : )