Tuesday, September 30, 2008

drumroll...the studio reveal

My new studio has been complete and functioning since way back in July (remember I talked about it right here first??) but somewhere along the way I got too busy to have a proper studio warming. THEN the timing of editors pulling together Cloth Paper Scissors' latest Studios edition aligned my studio completion. Before I knew it I got to be a part of this way cool, completely gorgeous magazine which just hit newsstands a week or two ago.

Starting on page 18 you can read all about yours TRUE-ly, which in fact is aptly named. You see if you glance back here my studio ended up looking nothing like the original plan.

Somewhere along the way, I thought my studio needed to be totally neutral to make art so I wasn't color biased or had walls competing with what I was creating. Like cream walls or something. My house does not have one single boring cream wall so why would I think my studio--the place that is supposed to represent me the most--should? good question. I think I got confused and anxious. All of this pressure to create a "me" space. So my husband (dear) painted not once, but twice. And if you're wondering, yes I do hear about that often.

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to work in this space. I especially LOVE the windows. After having my office/studio in the basement for 10 years having windows with light (that even open!) is quite a luxury. The bones of my new studio were designed and installed by CA Closets. They worked with me to create a highly functioning space.

The final winning colors of the room were raspberry, pumpkin and sky blue. My neutrals.

I found these drawer cabinet things at a yard sale years ago.I purchased two for $15. I love, love, love them. No sense not incorporating them into my new space. I also kept my beloved college drafting table. My office splurges stayed in check by keeping pieces that were already working for me.

Here's a peek into my newly organized closet with ribbon rolls. Look out Martha.

I design and e-mail here. See how the light from the window touches my back? Love it.

So I hope you've enjoyed the tour. I highly recommend picking up CPS Studios if you're looking for inspiration or just eye candy. Tis the season. And it's low-cal unlike that bag of candy corn that I have stashed somewhere in my studio...and don't think I'm telling where. ; )

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Printing nests

I know a week or so ago I was talking about how I didn't think silk screening was my thing. We'll I've warmed up to it a bit since then. Actually I kind of like it. Alright...I really like it. Especially after learning (in week 3 class) how to make a more painterly, freehand kind of screen which is more me. I did the screen itself in class and then came home and opened up my print shop.

I used brown ink with my screen to print bag after bag. I experimenting with more ink vs. less and two passes vs. three to tackle the canvas bag. I like how each print is slightly different. After I printed the brown, I went in on the individual bags with turquoise and white screen paint and freehanded in the color of the eggs. I realize this step was not a real second screen, but I liked the effect of combining a painterly technique with the screen.

I printed two different sized canvas tote bags: a small (11"w x 9"h x 3"d) and a medium (14"w x 13"h x 3"d) .

My plan right now is to use these bags for artist trades at the retreat I'm attending in October. I'll also put a couple of bags in my Etsy shop opening in October. Rest assured, since I only own one screen there will be a limited number of nests that will ever hatch. I certainly wouldn't want to put all of my eggs in one bag. ; )

Sunday, September 21, 2008

happy 40th

Happy Birthday to my dear hubby turning 40. Entering a new decade always seems a bit intimidating. I'm sure glad he has a few years on me so I can get used to the idea of forties vs. thirties. I created the piece above for him. It includes snippets of different articles he has written over the years.

Here's a close up of the cutie.This photo used in my collage is from Mike's first year. He had his nose stuck in a book even way back then.

On a separate note, we've been enjoying/appreciating power since Friday after enduring a 6 day black out. Believe it or not, Hurricane Ike's gusty winds made it all the way to we-thought-we-were-safe-from-hurricanes-Ohio. Huge trees were uprooted all over the city and initially 90% of Cincinnati was without electricity. The worst part was losing a refrigerator and freezer worth of food and enduring several "how am I ever going to sleep without my nightlight and my fan???"s. The best part was realizing how thankful I am for what we do have and that we made it through an awful wind storm with minimal damage.

A whole work week lost means I have a lot of design catching up. Here's to productivity i.e. no mindless internet surfing. Have a great week!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Now screening

This week I wrapped up class 2 (out of 4) in beginner silk screening...something I've always wanted to try. So far, I'm not quite sure if I've got that printmaking gene. Mind you, I love the results of silk screening, but doing so seems like a lot of work...more cleaning screens and squeegees than actual art-making. And then there's the stress involved in the one shot deal of getting a perfect print when you have your fabric pressed and ready underneath. My instructor held the screen while I squeegeed. I had to touch up the print a bit, but overall I was happy with my one-of-a-kind, hot pink, black sheep t-shirt.

Here's my beginner supplies. All clean...except for a faint sheep ghost which will mark my screen forever. Next week we'll try a new technique. I'll keep you posted. I'm not giving up on this screen quite yet.

Monday, September 8, 2008

a small glimpse

It's the first day for this little show in which all work is 5" x 5" or smaller. I've got 6 pieces in (none pictured on the flyer above) that are hanging out with artists from all over the world.

small glimpse of my monday morning life: after a busy weekend of kid soccer and basketball games, laundry catch-up and a September block party I'm back into my weekday routine. I typically get up at 5ish (sometimes earlier) so that I have about 2 hours of work time before having to get kids ready for school. I actually have come to appreciate waking early...making a BIG cup of coffee and enjoying the silence of the house. This morning however, I was caught in the act by a middle-of-the-night-i have-to-go-to-the-bathroom child who claims she now can't go back to bed. Three-year-old Nora is going to be exhausted by 8 a.m. She is explaining to me that we're having some special mommy/daughter time. yeah right. So I'm currently taking deep breaths, muttering "patience, patience" and vowing to be a little more quiet when I get up tomorrow.