Monday, September 8, 2008

a small glimpse

It's the first day for this little show in which all work is 5" x 5" or smaller. I've got 6 pieces in (none pictured on the flyer above) that are hanging out with artists from all over the world.

small glimpse of my monday morning life: after a busy weekend of kid soccer and basketball games, laundry catch-up and a September block party I'm back into my weekday routine. I typically get up at 5ish (sometimes earlier) so that I have about 2 hours of work time before having to get kids ready for school. I actually have come to appreciate waking early...making a BIG cup of coffee and enjoying the silence of the house. This morning however, I was caught in the act by a middle-of-the-night-i have-to-go-to-the-bathroom child who claims she now can't go back to bed. Three-year-old Nora is going to be exhausted by 8 a.m. She is explaining to me that we're having some special mommy/daughter time. yeah right. So I'm currently taking deep breaths, muttering "patience, patience" and vowing to be a little more quiet when I get up tomorrow.

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