Thursday, September 25, 2008

Printing nests

I know a week or so ago I was talking about how I didn't think silk screening was my thing. We'll I've warmed up to it a bit since then. Actually I kind of like it. Alright...I really like it. Especially after learning (in week 3 class) how to make a more painterly, freehand kind of screen which is more me. I did the screen itself in class and then came home and opened up my print shop.

I used brown ink with my screen to print bag after bag. I experimenting with more ink vs. less and two passes vs. three to tackle the canvas bag. I like how each print is slightly different. After I printed the brown, I went in on the individual bags with turquoise and white screen paint and freehanded in the color of the eggs. I realize this step was not a real second screen, but I liked the effect of combining a painterly technique with the screen.

I printed two different sized canvas tote bags: a small (11"w x 9"h x 3"d) and a medium (14"w x 13"h x 3"d) .

My plan right now is to use these bags for artist trades at the retreat I'm attending in October. I'll also put a couple of bags in my Etsy shop opening in October. Rest assured, since I only own one screen there will be a limited number of nests that will ever hatch. I certainly wouldn't want to put all of my eggs in one bag. ; )

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Susan Hines-Brigger said...

These are beautiful. Glad that you've found that you like this new artistic experience. Enjoy!