Tuesday, June 3, 2008

studio plans

After nine years of a home studio/office space in the basement I'm relocating to the first floor. Yeah, just like the Jeffersons. Moving on up. I'll be moving into what was our guest bedroom. A space with windows. Real windows rather than the basement glass block. This means they can be opened...fresh air, natural light while I'm working. I'm really excited about the windows.

The tricky part is finding that perfect time to make the move which of course there isn't. There is much involved with relocating even if only upstairs. I've been working with a closet company to design a functional space, an electrician to rewire for my computer, phone/Internet and office equipment and my DH to move furniture and paint. Speaking of paint we haven't started yet, but up top are my choices. My goal is a warm, inviting, neutral-but-not-so-neutral-there's-no-personality space. I don't want the space to overwhelm or compete with what is being created. The ceiling will have a splash of the bright color that I love. We'll see how that works. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about how it's all going to come together.

So over the next several days this is what will be going on around here..painting, installing, moving, organizing. I'll post pix of the process. If you're like me there's nothing better than watching a studio redo. In fact I purchased this CPS Studios edition when I was in the initial planning stages. Fun stuff. I love peeking into other artist's work spaces. Okay I need to run. There is much to be done around here. : )

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Susan Hines-Brigger said...

I'm typing this this from my basement office--or dungeon as I like to refer to it--and I am so jealous. The colors look great and the thought of seeing sun while working sounds wonderful. You're so lucky. Enjoy!