Sunday, September 21, 2008

happy 40th

Happy Birthday to my dear hubby turning 40. Entering a new decade always seems a bit intimidating. I'm sure glad he has a few years on me so I can get used to the idea of forties vs. thirties. I created the piece above for him. It includes snippets of different articles he has written over the years.

Here's a close up of the cutie.This photo used in my collage is from Mike's first year. He had his nose stuck in a book even way back then.

On a separate note, we've been enjoying/appreciating power since Friday after enduring a 6 day black out. Believe it or not, Hurricane Ike's gusty winds made it all the way to we-thought-we-were-safe-from-hurricanes-Ohio. Huge trees were uprooted all over the city and initially 90% of Cincinnati was without electricity. The worst part was losing a refrigerator and freezer worth of food and enduring several "how am I ever going to sleep without my nightlight and my fan???"s. The best part was realizing how thankful I am for what we do have and that we made it through an awful wind storm with minimal damage.

A whole work week lost means I have a lot of design catching up. Here's to productivity i.e. no mindless internet surfing. Have a great week!

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