Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to get unstuck

Five-year-old Nora is definitely on a roll. She's learning how to communicate with words and pictures and can't get enough of documenting everything. Nora spent the better part of yesterday preparing for family movie night. She made tickets, money and the sign above. (That's MOVIE with the extra "V" corrected, 8:00pm with drinks and popcorn and a cost of $ money accepted.) When she asked me if she could tape the sign to the door of the movie theater/aka Mom and Dad's bedroom I said something like..."No tape on the doors. It takes off the paint and makes Daddy nuts." Admittedly, I was working at my computer and only paying half attention. I felt her disappointment about the no tape, but I repeated that she would have to find a different way to hang her sign. She thought for a moment and then skipped off as I continued to work.

I did a double take when I went upstairs and saw Nora's creative solution to sign-hanging without tape. A great reminder from a preschooler that with a little creativity and drive there's always a way around potential roadblocks life throws our way.

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Anke Martin said...

Just wonderful!!!!!! Smiles, Anke ;)