Friday, April 16, 2010

A Friday-To-Do List

Nora seen composing our Friday-To-Do List using preschool shorthand.

1) NORA = Clean Nora's Room (check)
2) M = Pick up disc at client's office for Mommy's design work (check)
3) L = Library (check)
4) BB= Clean both bathrooms
5) L = Lunch (check)
6) N = Nap

Somehow we spent too much time at the "L" and got behind with things. Friday priorities. I'm sure going to miss my little helper when she checks into kindergarten next year.

Now back to our last to-do's...



Emily said...

I love Nora's list! So cool! Is the artist to artist book good? It certainly looks interesting.

Love Emily :o)

June Pfaff Daley said...

I'm loving this book...very inspirational! My older kids think it's cool to read the inside scoop on some of their favorite illustrators.

Anke Martin said...

This book looks really interesting.....thanks for sharing!!!