Monday, May 4, 2009

Making a list

I bet you've been wondering if I've been thinking about the clipboard that I would transform to match my booth that would hold my mailing list sign-up sheet? No? Well actually, it happens to be bullet point #15 on my "100 Things to Prep for Art Show" list. The scary thing is I'm not kidding. After digging into my closet of waiting-to-be-fabulous thrift store/yard sale treasures, I picked out this particular clipboard purchased for a quarter some time ago. Beat up and abused, but with the coolest metal clip in perfect working condition. I primed the board and threw a palette of paint at it (quite literally really) to make over into this...

tah dah! Now a much happier clipboard which also got a few coats of sealer.

This sign up opportunity will be out for those interested in hearing about my latest work, show schedule, studio happenings and promos including specials just for "the list." And BTW if you can't be at this show, notice the new little sign up button over there at the right (i'm pointing to screen.) Just enter your e-mail and presto you'll too be on "the list." And don't think you'll be bombarded with e-mail. It's a no-share, no-more-than-once-a-month update. Did I mention the specials?

Now in case you think I've gone over the top and become waaaaay too serious about all of this prepping, not to worry...'s the sign-up pen. Who says the pencils should have all the fun?

I'm typing slowly with eleven fingers due to a nasty x-acto knife accident yesterday. I'll spare you the details. Just a little reminder that I need to keep my mind focused instead of thinking (while cutting) about how I could next transform/embellish the boring looking cash box.

FYI: I'm drawing the line at least for this show.


Terry Busse said...

Love the clip board! Can't wait to see the cash box!!!

June Pfaff Daley said...

okay now you're tempting me Terry! : )