Monday, May 18, 2009

Trap Opportunity

This winged opportunity has been flying around in my head begging to be painted for several weeks now. Every since my kids convinced me that we needed a Venus fly trap for a pet. Happy to hear about a pet that didn't come with vet bills or need to be walked, I conceded.

Meet Vivi. She's so much easier to care for than anything with legs. We purchased Vivi at case you're wondering where you might find a fly trap. Although we have yet to catch a live fly for Vivi (Murphy's a fly trap and suddenly flies become extinct), we've fed her beetles, pill bugs and an ant or two. She happily coaxes them into her traps and snaps shut. Amazing really and very entertaining in a warped kind of way.

Here's the painting in full ~prints for sale in my etsy shop. Yes, it was our little Vivi who got me thinking about opportunity and how you have to grab it when it buzzes by. It also helps to have an open trap or two so you don't miss it when it does.

Unfortunately, our new pet fly trap has not deterred my children from their incessant beggings for something furry. Mom and Dad are still thinking on that.


marcia furman said...

I always loved fly traps. As a kid they were so mysterious to me!! Love the painting!

Anke said...

Hi June! I love your new painting! It's so full of energy and the will to take opportunities! Go for it!!!! Have fun with your new 'pet', it's a really fascinating plant...amazing what it's able to. My son wants a cat too, but that's a no cat in the house, maybe a dog someday when they are older. For now they can play with my parents labrador....less work for me, smiles, Anke ;)

Josey's mom said...

Just lovely and I love hearing the story behind it!