Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our waffle house

Breakfast for dinner happens around here at least once a month. It's quick, easy, inexpensive and ever so exciting. If you're within say 10 miles or so you can probably hear the screams of glee when I announce "Waffle Night." My kids are trained to hear when I get the waffle iron down from the top shelf..."Waffles Mom, you mean we're haViNG WAFFLES!!" running footsteps to tell the others.

Subbing half whole wheat flour (instead of all white) when making the waffle batter ups the nutritional value as does a good slathering of homemade blueberry sauce.

I tweaked and modified another recipe to come up with this one that I call my own. Quick, easy and delicious. You are more than welcome to try it out (and not just with patterned circles.)

And yes on waffle night we do it up right. The powdered sugar shaker comes out along with dollops of whipped cream and a bit of sausage on the side. Life is too short to miss out on waffle nights.

Note: here's a great link for smoothies if you have some extra frozen blueberries.


Anke said...

Yummi! They sound and look really delicious....what a fun tradition to have a Waffle Night. Which kid doesn't like 'sweet dinners'? Enjoy!!!! Smiles, Anke ;)

Hoosier Homemade said...

We love blueberry waffles and pancakes! Your presentation looks awesome too!
Thanks for sharing!

Snow White said...

Yummy! We add OJ to our cherry sauce -- didn't think about adding it to blueberry sauce too! Wonderful.

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

This is such a fun post...I love how you put the sauce recipe in that cool box. I haven't figured out fun techie things like that yet. :) I love homemade waffles and I am always looking for new recipes. Thanks for sharing.