Friday, March 5, 2010

Adventures in print

I am honored once again to be included in the latest issue of one of my very favorite magazines, Cloth Paper Scissors.

My article is about the making of a mixed media series featuring superheroes or to be more exact: Women superheroes. I had so much fun creating these pieces. They made me feel like that 7-year-old girl who...

...adored/idolized Wonder Woman. I recall crafting WW bracelets and tiaras out of paper and wearing them everywhere. I *believed* if I spun around really, really fast in a circle, I'd actually become her. Needless to say, I never could spin fast enough. However, seeing these pieces in print inspired by my idol was pretty satisfying just the same.

I had a limited number of magnets printed up of "I Wear my Cape." They're for sale over in my etsy shop. These look especially cool on a black or stainless steel fridge. The juxtaposition of the 50's housewife in her apron and heels with a modern mixed treatment framed on a steel fridge...totally love that.
Now getting back to my little world of capes, tiaras and a bird or two...I have to paint today. It's been over a week and my hands are starting to twitch. Time to save my world with dioxazine purple and quinacridone gold.

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Anke Martin said...

Congratulations June!!!! Can't wait to hold the new issue in my hand and see your artwork!
Wish you a great weekend with paints and canvases!
Smiles, Anke