Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hiding the Table or more 1st Art Show prep

I've had my eye out for fabric for my upcoming art show table for awhile now. Nothing uglier than your standard 2' x 6' white plastic hotel table...yeah, that baby must be covered. Yesterday on a thrift shop pop-in, I rooted through the fabric/bedding section to find 4 yards of the above for the bargain price of $2 (total). I questioned its busy-ness, but decided that the shade of purple perfectly matched my color scheme. This certainly isn't bed-in-a-bag matchy that I'm going for with this and this and now THIS, but it's all working and "matching" in my colorful, patterned world. I also loved that the funky paisley had a nice sense of movement, and was a non-wrinkly-silky kind of fabric that would look pretty good pulled out of a box if an iron couldn't be located, and ~LOVE~ that it was $2.

After trimming the fabric to size, I decided it needed the other kind of trim. I rationalized that 8 yards of perfect trim probably wouldn't turn up at a thrift store anytime I purchased the above ribbon from a craft store for a big $4. Bringing my table investment to $6. With all the other show necessities adding up, I'm being cautious. My goal is to at least break even.

I hemmed the edges of the fabric first and then went back and added the trim. Not sure if there's a "right" way. If so, my making a trimmed table cloth by the book would have been purely accidental.

Here's my purple, paisley, polka-dotted table cover all finished taking a test run on our dining table. I'll also have a white cloth under it at the show which will extend to the floor so I can hide stuff like bins and bags and maybe myself depending on how things go... : 0

Another big check off the prep list....I've got the table covered.


Josey's mom said...

Thanks so much for sharing your process. I am at least a year off from having the courage to do this and it is so nice to begin to at least think about it through what you are doing. BTW, love the cloth!

carylsrealm said...

Gorgeous table cover!

Terry Busse said...

Wow, love how you dressed up the purple material to give it just the right cool funky look. It looks great!
You are going to have one great looking booth. Can't wait to see the final booth pictures!