Wednesday, January 7, 2009

you're groovy

Here they are...a freshly designed frustration pencil kit for Valentines day. I'm a big fan of the February holiday which brings a burst of warm, bright color in the middle of an often dark and cold winter. Valentines day is right up there with girl scout cookies sales if you ask me. I couldn't help but design a special craft kit to celebrate. Each kit will make a total of 6 pencil friends to keep or give to teachers, friends, grandparents, etc. I'm also thinking these would make for a unique girl or boy scout craft activity, birthday party or classroom craft. The enclosed pattern/direction sheet illustrated by me guides any age through the pencil making process. The sheet includes valentine wishes to adorn the pencils reminiscent of the age of frustration pencils like "U R Outta Sight". Here's a peek at the Valentines kit contents:

And just in case you missed this craft in the 70s (or you missed the 70s), my daughter Cara demonstrates below how to melt your frustrations away.

Smooth hair up nice and straight. Rub pencil between hands, Laugh at ridiculous looking pencil. Repeat.

These kits will be available in my etsy shop for the next month or so. Standard frustration pencil kits are also available in a variety of colors. I've redesigned the packaging on those, but the kit contents haven't changed with one color of fur per kit. Okay now, you all have a dynomite day. Dig? : )

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