Sunday, January 11, 2009

The making of jail bird

He'd been in and out of the coop ever since he cracked his shell. They couldn't keep him contained behind bars for long. Once again he was out and headed South for the border.

His story starts with a world map my daughter brought home from school. (The girl knows cool collage supplies when she sees them.) The map, with a bit of designer paper, black ribbon and white card stock make the bird, his scrubs and a post to stand on. Matte gel medium makes it all stick.

The hardest part is walking away so the guy can dry between layers. I made myself refill coffee and do a computer task or two. When things dry, a bit of paint and ink hit the first layer. Next, more of the composition gets adhered including proper jail attire and a key which is floating now, but will soon be hanging from his beak via a key ring.

I step back again for more dry time before building on the last layer. Then, I adhere the type and add more matte medium to create texture which will be painted over in the final step.

A funky fuchsia feather is added along with more paint on top of all of those layers. Finally, a few finer details take place and he's complete. Jail bird is born. Call the proper authorities if you spot him on his flight to the border.


Meagan said...

Cute bird. :) I like your use of different textures, and the addition of the purple feather is quite clever.

indigene said...

Oh, I so love it when other artists so their process! Great textured layers!

studio lolo said...

he's wonderful! Great score from your daughter ;)