Sunday, January 4, 2009

A sweet puppy

My first born turned ten a few days ago and oh how she wants a puppy. Unfortunately, Mom and Dad aren't ready to add the live kind to our household just yet so a sugary one had to suffice. Around here, as I've mentioned before, a homemade cake happens for every birthday in the shape of whatever the birthday child dreams up (that's within reason...this isn't Ace of Cakes.) Sometimes, I'll surf the Internet for inspiration and other times I'll just wing it. This time I was winging it.

Here's a very easy cake pattern if by chance there's a puppy lover with a birthday at your house. I used two cake mixes filled the 10 inch cake pan and the other filled a 9 inch with batter left over (the leftover made extra cupcakes.) A furry cake is pretty easy to decorate since the icing doesn't need to be all perfect. I gobbed it on and swirled it this way and that to get the furry doggie effect. I used a lighter color of the fur icing to make the snout area and then used pink icing for the collar. The dogs eyes and nose (nose cut into proper shape) are peppermint patties. White chocolate chips decorate the collar. Finally, I did some very basic piping with black and white icing, but candy (licorice, etc) would also work to get a similar effect.

It's officially birthday season around here, so they'll be two more kids cakes happening between now and March. I'm not sure what shape those will take on yet...but I'll keep ya posted.

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MB Shaw said...

Oh you clever girl, this is so cute!!!!