Tuesday, January 6, 2009

love birds

And they resolved to love each other forever like true love birds do.

I put away the last of the Christmas decorations today...that is except for a lonely wreath on the outside of our house that requires a ladder and a husband and many sweet suggestions that I would soooooo appreciate having that wreath down : )

Now I'm looking toward the February holiday of love. Prints of this illustration will be available in my etsy shop as I decorate things for the upcoming season over there. xo xo


Anonymous said...

oh, great colors! and the birdies are really sweet.

Juan said...

Dreamfull style ! You would for sure kill everybody in the creationarena contests !

Juan said...

Very nice work. Beautiful!

Heather Chevreau said...

Love your love birds! you have such a fun style!

cata said...

Absolutely Adorable!