Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mixing it up

These days things are definitely mixed up around here with the normal design/illustration work, family life and a roaring-down-the-highway holiday fast approaching. Is Christmas really only two weeks away?! I remember as a kid when that seemed like forever. Now I'd give anything to sneak a few more present wrapping, candy making, cookie baking, card addressing, gift crafting days in between now and then. In the midst of the holiday happenings, I have five pieces in this show including the one on the above flyer over the words "Opening Night".

Here's another piece in the Mixed show. For my latest series, I've been adding my spin to old fashioned sayings the first being "If the Shoe Fits" and now "All of Your Eggs". I've always thought there was a lot of wisdom connected with the eggs in a basket phrase on so many different levels. Whether it be about finances or compartmentalizing one's self. Both are stifling and even downright risky. If all energy is concentrated in a single area what happens if that one area doesn't hatch? The egg out of the basket is the one that is hatching wings and will soon be flying. It's about mixing it up—mediawise and otherwise.

Note: "All of Your Eggs" will be available as a print in my Etsy store later today.

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MB Shaw said...

Congratulations!!! I get email from that gallery and it looks like they do some very cool events.