Saturday, December 6, 2008

Future architects

My three kids woke up this morning expecting chocolate coins and oranges in their shoes in honor of St. Nick Day. Instead, St. Nick chose to bring each a gingerbread house kit of their very own. That Nick is a smart guy. Besides being a great time filler, one house kit per kid means no fighting over the icing bag or how many gummy this or gummy thats the other one has.

It was a perfect winterish day for a project like this with the first real snow of the season going on outside. It was the kind of day that begs for hot chocolate and gingerbread decorating. And while I'm not a big fan of store bought baked goods, a gingerbread house is the exception to my rule. It is wonderful to be able to get to the constructing and the decorating with everything you need in one kid-friendly kit. Besides gingerbread houses are more crafting than baking in my opinion.

After the three decorated their houses, I chose to mix them in with our ceramic Christmas village. I think the edible variety look right at home. Unfortunately I can't guarantee that they'll make it through the season. Hansel and Gretel have already been caught in the act.

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