Saturday, June 7, 2008


If I were a contestant on American Idol, I'm imagining that I'd get a critique of "pitchy" and "all over the place" by Simon for this piece. I'd stand up there holding my art and say "Simon, you are absolutely right. I turned in a composition that is way too busy, has no focal point or sense of balance. I agree. However, you asked me to illustrate "Forgotten" and so I did. This work captures exactly what my brain is doing when I'm at the grocery store. Does the piece make you feel flustered, uneasy, wanting to run?? Yes?? Then I have just brought you into my world and how I feel about going to the grocery store." Then I 'd turn to the camera and say "America, please base the success of the piece I just performed on that. Remember that I have a three-year-old with me while I grocery shop. Sometimes I make a list and when I do I usually forget the list or forget to look at the list. I'm trying to remember if I have a coupon for Orville Redenbacher popcorn or Jiffy Pop. I have to remember to use my shopper card. Then the three-year-old wants out of the cart so I have to keep one eye on her and one eye on how much grapes are costing per pound. Finally, I'll be on my way home with all the groceries loaded in the car thinking 'I did it' when I remember that I forgot the milk. Milk being the only thing I really came in for. Vote America!" Of course by now Ryan would have already escorted me off the stage, the commercials would be playing and half of my manic speech would have gone unheard.

Anyway, that's my submission for Illustration Friday's topic of the week: forgotten. Now what did I come here for?


studio lolo said...

This was perfect and so very entertaining! That would have been a great "Idol" speech, but you're right. The commercials would have pre-empted your plea and as far as Simon goes, your words would have fallen on deaf ears. He'd say "I just don't get it."
Thanks for a fun start to my morning! And I hope you're happy that David Cook won...I am :)

June said...

I'm soooo glad someone gets it! And let me tell you I am a huge David Cook fan! Rock on!: )

Ronni said...

The colors are so juicy!