Friday, June 6, 2008

studio painter for hire

There is a magnetic attraction between gallons of paint and three-year-olds. Having a canvas that is 8 feet tall with 14 feet surrounding on four sides helps too. Dad's tender heart could only take so many of the, "Daddy, can I pleeeeeeeze, pleeeeze help you paint??????"

And thus we witnessed the hypnotic power of paint.

Unfortunately, this sweet daddy/daughter painting experience didn't last long. Too much up, down, dancing, swirling, twirling, having to go potty. This happening with paint brush in one hand and sippy cup in the other. And don't think she wasn't interested in providing more assistance. Many tears were involved when we asked her to turn in the brush. Three-year-old painting apprentices really love what they do, however (without a doubt) the best time to hire one is during nap time.

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