Friday, May 2, 2008

up in the sky...'s a bird, it's a plane...well actually it is a plane, in particular a Red Bull air race plane. This has nothing to do with Red Bull Art of Can other than a few Red Bull people now knowing my name. I was asked to make a model size plane out of Red Bull cans to promote Red Bull Air Races happening in San Diego and Detroit in 2008. So here's my whimsical answer to that. This project was really, really challenging for me. Planes are definitely a left brain job involving geometry, symmetry, etc. that is a bit beyond what my puny left side can handle. I did it though and subsequently breathed a huge sigh of relief.

I used almost all recycled materials to build the piece including newspaper, styrofoam, wire, plastic tubing and of course the obvious—empty Red Bull cans. I even utilized a little lost lego man that I thought my son would never, ever miss...

So I can not even tell you how BADLY my 6 year old wants that Red Bull pilot OUT!! I suppose I was being overly naive when I thought how Brendan surely wouldn't miss one little lego guy...yeah right. I think this particular lego guy got a new coolness (even though he looks exactly like the 20 bizillion other lego people we have around here) once he was sitting at the controls in mommy's air race plane. I actually hid the plane when I wasn't working on it as I had visions that Brendan would somehow try to disassemble to get at the lego guy. Luckily, the plane has now flown off into the hands of the Red Bull people. Sorry's the curse of having an artist for a mommy. Hide your lego men.

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