Sunday, February 17, 2008

the strep party

alright so I can just hear your reaction as you pull up this entry..."what the...?!" And I do apologize for the extremes between my last post (mushy heart) and this post (medical looking throat)...but to be really honest I'm giggling just a little. Actually—if you can believe it—the two back-to-back posts relate! The above is what kept my husband and I from enjoying Friday night out to celebrate Valentines Day. Sitter lined up, reservations made and then came the fever and the throat pain from our eldest daughter. Immediately I knew what was going on. No ESP needed. Cara had been on two different antibiotics in the last 5 weeks to battle strep throat. As soon as she finished a 10-day prescription, the symptoms would reappear and a strep test quickly confirmed that the bugs were back (or maybe never left). On this latest visit to the doctor, we could choose between another 10 days of twice-a-day medicating or one quick shot. Cara picked the 10 days. I picked the shot. So Cara got the super penicillin shot. Hopefully, Cara will win round three with the strep guys. Once we got back home Friday afternoon, she asked me exactly what everything was in the back of her throat (including that mysterious hanging thingy in the middle) causing all of this torture. I tried my best to explain it all to her in my usual pen and paper way. That's when I thought, 'hey this would make an interesting blog entry...surely other Moms and Dads get these questions from their kids.' Well here you go.

This is my unscientific portrayal of the streptococcal bacteria. Isn't this what they're doing? having a party? All of that dancing around back there has got to hurt. Brendan and I have had our tonsils removed. I know that doesn't make us immune to strep throat, but I think tonsils make for more spaces and places for the strep guys to hang out. Anyway, let's hope Cara can get rid of the green guys this time. Enough already!! And Mike and I are going to try to get out tonight for our belated Valentine's dinner.

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