Sunday, February 3, 2008

baby Kings and baby Queens

This weekend was about signing off on proofs (design work) and putting the finishing touches on my January baby tile orders that just arrived back from the kiln. I've been selling these 8" x 8" tiles (along with a wedding version) for several years. After having two little queens and one little king I've learned that they are the real rulers of the house/castle.

There is a scary number of beads that live in our house. I would not doubt that if they were lined up they could stretch across Ohio and maybe even back again. They are all organized by color which makes them all the more attractive and irresistible to me.

How precious is a New Year's baby? Here I'm stringing the carefully chosen beads on this tile's wire hanger. It's like the icing on a cake. As is signing off on projects that I enjoy while I'm doing, but somewhere along the way seem like they will never bid farewell to my desk or my studio.

The best part is now I can make room for new endeavors. I can hardly wait to get started on that one.

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