Sunday, February 24, 2008

For the Squirrels

With another free Saturday morning and three anxious kids, we went back to Lowes Kid's Clinics for more wood building fun. This was the perfect project for us. Years ago, I gave up trying to feed the birds. The squirrels practically attacked any poor winged creature trying to get a bite from our bird feeders. We have squirrels the size of small dogs who are more limber and agile than the very best circus performers. When we had a bird feeder hanging from the deck, I ended up taking it down. The squirrels would catapult off the deck railing, swing the feeder back and forth, raid the seed and then do a Mary Lou Retton off the feeder back down to the ground. The noise was ridiculous and the entertainment factor got old quick. So today we surrendered. I guess the people at Lowes also recognize that a bird feeder at our house is useless. We waved our white flags and painted colorful squirrels on the top of our feeders to welcome back our pesky friends.

With this blend we're talking McDonald's vs. The Precinct, but we have to feed our kids too. Besides the squirrels around here don't seem to mind.

The squirrel feeders add little spots of color to the monochromatic landscape of winter. While I appreciate the subtle tones of winter, I have to admit that I'm a color person (did ya notice?!) I can hardly wait for traces of spring to start peeking out. And with summer up next, our feeders will soon blend right into the landscape. For now they're a reminder of the color (and warmth!) to come.

Welcome back furry friends. Birds you're invited as always...that is if you can sneak in a bite or two.

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