Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dear Mother Nature...

With all due respect Mother Nature, your chaotic weather is making me C*R*A*Z*Y. I realize that we humans are partly to blame... breaking down the ozone layer and all, but really. Last week we had days in the single digits. Yesterday, it was almost 60 degrees. Today, the wind is howling with a sporadic rain and at 7:45am the temperature is 55 degrees—in February in Ohio! My kids and I are painstakingly trying to figure out what they should go to school in.

The meterologists say by mid-afternoon the temps will drop back down in the 40s. Will the kids make it through recess if I send them in spring jackets? Or will falling degrees make them yearn for warmer winter jackets before I can pick them up from school? And just how trustworthy is my local weather channel? Will you play a fast one on those poor weather forecasters that try so hard to figure out what you're going to do next?

Forget about the days when you rolled out one season's wardrobe at a time. Now we must have spring, summer, fall and winter dress ready at a moments notice. My 1950s coat closet sure isn't big enough for this. I'll agree that predictability is boring, but even the plants don't know if they should sprout or rest.

Well, that's my whine for today. Maybe it's the rain making me cranky. Or maybe it's lack of sleep. The weather sirens went off
last night at 1:30am to alert me that severe thunderstorms were moving in. that sunlight starting to fill my windows?!? hmmmm...what was I complaining about again?

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