Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Picture day Accusations

Today, I was accused of the unthinkable. I had an early morning trial for attempting to make my 7-year old, darling boy look "dumb" on school picture day. First, let me restate to the jury that I did not even think for a second that this particular 7-year-old gave one little hoot about what he wore as long as it was reasonably comfortable. Therefore, a lengthy picture day outfit consultation was not scheduled the night before like was with my 10 year old daughter.

When I learned the truth this morning I was shocked. Brendan DOES care what he wears on picture day and Brendan will no longer wear something that is "knit and yarned "...said while making circular finger motions to describe the offensive garment(s).

Thankfully, we managed to settle out of court on a navy blue, button down. Simple. Classic. No "yarn" involved. Brendan smoothed his negotiated picture day shirt and said he liked his look. Then he put on his backpack, turned and headed out the door. Now let's just hope he smiles.


Heather Chevreau said...

this is such a great story! gave me a good laugh this morning! I hope my little boy is just as fashionably conscious!

Anke Martin said...

Lol....my son is already picky...and he is only 5....has a issue up against knit and yarned as well and new pants......
Hope the photo turns out great!
Smiles, Anke ;)

Josey's mom said...

Dang! our kids have a 'rep' and an 'image' at 7? I am going to start saying things like "I remember in my day..."