Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Super Show

When I first got this call for artist submissions in my inbox I'll admit I wasn't sent running for a paintbrush. I knew many artists could illustrate Batman and his friends far better than I. However as the deadline approached, I started thinking more about superheroes and what us mere humans (particularly women) had in common with them. That's when the ideas started coming and in usual fashion I decided one week before the deadline to get started. I submitted my work last Thursday and just heard that three paintings and a 3-D sculpture have been accepted into this AMaZing exhibit.

Here's one of my paintings in the show. "Often Invisible" was the first piece I completed...part superhero inspired, part funk-of-a-mood inspired (yes bad case of poor me'isms...underappreciated, undernoticed and get the idea.) Invisibility would no doubt be an interesting superhero trait to possess, but this piece speaks to a less glamorous sort of invisibility shared (I'm betting) by countless other women from day to day.

This not-in-the-show piece is one of my favorites. Not only have I adored Wonder Woman for most of my life, but I had forgotten how therapeutic art is for me when I'm feeling grumpy. After getting the invisible thing out of my system, back came my sense of humor. "The Power of Accessories" is more of my whimsical self. Can't you tell I'm happier?!

If you're around Cincinnati stop by the opening this Friday night from 6pm-9pm to say hi and see the entire show. Wear your superhero costume and get 50% off all beverages. Now how SUPER is that?


Anke said...

Oh those are awesome! And so true, women are the invisiable heroes especially in a family with kids.....and I can tell you are happier...does the same thing to me!
Have fun at the show!!!! Smiles, Anke ;)

Josey's mom said...

Oh my gosh! Congratulations-and as always I am amazed at how you are able to zero in on the heart of a matter; even one so "silly" as superheroes.