Friday, July 10, 2009

I wear my cape + free chocolate

Here's another painting of mine in the Superhero exhibit opening tonight. "I wear my cape" celebrates the modern day mom and/or wife...our very own superheroes. Maybe whipping up dinner isn't something Wonder Woman ever did to impress, but in today's hectic world a sit down dinner is a feat indeed. And what about the power to overcome five baskets of laundry and then put that laundry away without stepping on even one Lego? The ability to make boo boos better with a hug and a band aid? The extrasensory vision to find the remote control in the far depths of the couch cushions?! Talk about heroic acts. This print is now available in my etsy shop if you happen to know any heroines like that.

And I'm sure you've done something heroic already today...made it out of bed with one eye open? That counts. Hop over here and get your free chocolate reward starting at 9:00AM ET every Friday through September. The first 250,000 to sign in on Friday will get a coupon (4 coupons during the offer per household) mailed to redeem for the Mars chocolate bar of their choice (deciding between peanut m&ms and twix...hmmmmm.)

Alright, it's time to put my cape back on and wake the operation not without peril and pain. Wish me luck. Up, UP and AWAY...

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Anke said...

Oh so true...hope you had a good day start. Enjoy your weekend, smiles, Anke ;)