Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the secret to happiness (well one of them anyway)

Don't you feel all content inside when your coop...errrrr i mean...house is clean?? Not to be confused with the actual 'cleaning of', but you know what I'm talking about...the aftermath when everything is in order, nobody sticks to the kitchen floor and there's not a dust bunny or stale crumb to be found. ahhhhhhhhhh...Happiness.

I took a trip across my studio into the craft supply closet to pull out a few tricks for this one. I reasoned that old latchhook canvas would be perfect for coop walls, as would raffia for nesting. Then I chose a funky paper for the hen. Yes, everything you see above was attached to canvas with some big dollops of matte medium. My paint brush took over from there. This silly hen print can be found over in my etsy shop. I'm thinking it's a nice reminder to have hanging around for the rooster (and peeps if you have them.) Everybody knows there's nothing worse than a grouchy hen.

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mystele said...

i totally thrive in a clean home. it's usually not that way, but i dream a lot. :) love this painting.