Monday, March 9, 2009

A recipe for cupcakes

Here's a book I've had my eye on for some time. I finally purchased and found myself completely inspired and totally excited about the possibilities of felting with cast-off wool sweaters. Mainly because I don't knit and I'm pretty sure that I don't have the knitting gene. I've tried several times and found knitting needles and yarn more stressful than soothing. But maybe, like running, I didn't stick with it long enough to get into that zone I've heard about. Plus after my three year old got a hold of my in-progress scarf and pulled...well that marked the end of that.

Betz White put together a book filled with projects that even a beginner felter like myself can whip up with ease. The first step is to acquire a variety of wool sweaters. As luck would have it, it's the perfect time of year to find them for a steal at thrift stores.

The only new material I had to buy was an assortment of felt balls. Pretty little things aren't they?

Here's a look at the treats I put together...the infamous cupcake pincushions from the cover. Maybe not as perfect as Betz's, but satisfying just the same. Hope you're having a sweet Monday!

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MB Shaw said...

This book looks amazing and I can't believe you just whipped up those perfect pincusions! You are a wildwoman!!!
I went to a little craft show here in STL and bought a BAG of these felt balls in all sizes, they are so incredible. Of course I can't bear to use them cause they are adorable and I just like playing with them. I have them on display in a hand made ceramic bowl, lol.