Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall pickings

We've added a new kind of pickings to our usual fall routine. This year we visited a turnip patch. A farm, not far from where we live, offers this opportunity. A horse drawn wagon takes you out to a patch where the goal is to search for really BIG root veggies. I've learned that no one wants a puny turnip. And if you're thinking we came home with a bunch for turnip soup this was not the case. You see our primary goal was to take our fresh picked turnips to some furry friends.

After a short wagon ride with turnips in tow, we stopped here. Look sheep! We have turnips! Apparently these particular sheep are pregnant females. The goal of our quest was to feed them nutrient packed turnips so that their ewes would be healthy and maybe even be twin ewes next spring. However, the sheep acted all nonchalant...completely ignoring our delicious turnips. So we left the pickings and headed back. It turns out, those aloof sheep didn't want dinner guests for once our backs were turned they were all about turnips.

The next wagon stop involved our more traditional fall outing...a trip to the pumpkin patch. We selected three future jack-o-lanterns and snipped them fresh from the vine.

Finally, we loaded up the wagon with fall produce (saving a turnip or two) and rode back to our mini van. A charming country outing for my little city mice.

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