Monday, October 13, 2008

Apron strings

You think there are any strings attached in my kitchen? What? You kids can't fit your complaints in that teeny box?! Really??? Hmmm......not sure what to tell you. How about if you behave nicely and compliment the chef often??

I did this piece using the old too-small-for-complaints-box-joke over the past weekend. I think it fits right in with Illustration Friday's topic of the week: strings. I'm planning to include it as a print for sale when I open up my Etsy store next Friday. Please check back then and take a peek!


Kris-Tea said...

I really like the textures and colors. Nice work!

Zórdís said...

So sweet!

SENTA said...

This is sooo beautiful, I absolutely love the colors and textures!