Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer murals

I illustrated the Noah's Ark mural above for an animal hospital several years ago. This summer I was asked back to add more paintings to the lobby area.

Using another verse from All Things Bright and Beautiful, I painted an arbor with teeny, hidden creatures. It's hard to show the area well in photographs, but here are a few shots to get a general idea of the space.

I love that people thought I was painting on the wood arbor. When in actuality, I painted the wood and then painted on top of the faux wood. Were you tricked?? : )

I hid little creatures all over the arbor and

...over here old fashioned coneflowers decorate a post. Standing on a really high ladder, I painted butterflies around the top of the room.
And in this corner a tree grew.
A squirrel lives in this tree by special request.
This was definitely the summer that I painted more flowers than I planted.

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