Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh Canada

One of our adventures this summer involved a trip to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. I haven't been there since I was a wee one and wanted my three to have the experience of the Falls too. Every one's favorite Falls experience was Maid of the Mist. Above is a glimpse of another MOM boat taking the ride into the Falls underneath a perfect rainbow.

Here we are Journey-ing Behind the Falls. This is where you ride an elevator down very far into the ground and get dropped off at the tunnels underneath the falls. Here is one of the tunnel lookout points where we're watching the wall of water from behind. I found this a little freaky and the tunnels to be a bit too titanic-ish for my taste.

However, it totally amazes me in this world of barriers and gates that you can get this close to something so powerful.

Here Cara and I are standing on a floor of Canadian pennies. What of a cool idea for tiling and only 1 cent per square inch!

And finally (I've skipped the haunted houses, mini golf, fast food, fudge shops, wax museums and gobble-up-your-money-attractions, but they're all here too) the White Water Walk. While I was enjoying the rapids racing by, I think I was just as fascinated by how long the legs were getting on these three. Another school year right around the corner. I'll be spending today going over our school supply inventory and assessing what clothing those growing bodies can still fit into.

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