Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Little Press

So a little press never hurts right? I've been talking and talking about this chicken. His little ears must be ringing. I appreciate the talented writers who called to chat. Here are some links if you still haven't heard enough:

The Cincinnati Enquirer's art note can be read by clicking on the above photo. (11-15-07)

Cincinnati Magazine online posted a Q & A on their website. (11-13-07)

The Downtowner honored the chicken. (11-8-07)

The Daily Press which was my home town (of 18 years) newspaper ran an article. (11-12-07)

My apologies if you're here in January (or even next week) and these links expire. Hopefully, I'll have new things to chat about by then.

1 comment:

Susan Hines-Brigger said...

Congrats on all your press coverage. It certainly is well-earned and deserved. Just don't forget all of us who "knew you when." :)