Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Enough About Me

I was excited to find out yesterday that I'm going to have five pieces in a local art gallery. I'll be showing two soul folks and three new pieces including what you see at the top titled "Enough About Me". I just started into this mixed media work involving old photos and memories of the past. "Enough About Me" is my tribute to the housewife of the 1950s. I found the sentence about "emancipation" that forms the square border in a cookbook published in 1948. I mean really, "it is her province to please and placate men"? Now that is funny stuff. I'm also incorporating treasures found from estate sales. The very outer border includes vintage buttons and seam binding.

The show at Redtree art gallery features a variety of local artists. The opening is this Friday night from 6pm-9pm. If you're in the area check it out. Now I'm off to see the chicken in Chicago. Have a great rest of the week!

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