Monday, October 1, 2007

"Rooster for Ransom"

Would it be odd to admit I kind of miss him? I haven't seen Reece the Rooster since June when I shipped him at a package/ship place. I made the package guy swear that he would package Reece up like he was his own child. I can't blame the nice package man for looking at me strangely--like "who is this eccentric woman shipping a bound-and-gagged rooster to Chicago?" I had brought a kid or two with me that day so police and the mental health department wouldn't be notified.

All in all the project was a fantastic experience. It was the ultimate crossword puzzle for stretching my brain in new directions. The mental challenge included how the whole thing would be constructed and pieced together, how the palette from the cans would color the piece and how I'd make texture from aluminium. I made the old time cut letter ransom note completely out of Red Bull cardboard packaging. I used a mix of every type of carton I could get my hands on...4 packs, 12 packs and the case packs. By the way you can click on the note to make it bigger.

The most frustrating part of the chicken making process was the sticking. I purchased and experimented with at least 6 different glue products. In the end--after losing my fingerprints to gorilla glue--I think I figured out what sticks aluminium and what doesn't. Next year I'll be ready.

By June deadline, 128 Red Bull masterpieces were submitted from all over the world with 38 being chosen for the Chicago exhibit. To see the '07 show in its entirety go to Click on Chicago exhibit and then gallery. You'll see who the Rooster will be hanging with in Chicago at the River East Art Center when the exhibit runs from November 9th-18th. You can enlarge the works of art and spin them around 360 degrees. I confess I get a big kick out of making Reece spin until he's dizzy and begging for mercy. You can also read each artist's bio which incorporates their inspiration. My piece did not place in the top three (shhhh...don't tell the chicken) which include "Vitalized Dragon", "Inside Out" and "A Casual Toss". Incredible, incredible work. Not just the judge's top three, but the entire show. I am completely honored to be a part of it.

Now for the shameless plug for my blog readers: VOTE! You can give the chicken a rating (I'm recommending 10) and then hit submit. Two prizes remain including the Internet vote and the People's Choice at the show. Regardless of prizes, the experience has been and continues to be absolutely amazing. Reece-you're still number one in my book. I'll see ya soon.

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