Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Country Living

This past weekend I couldn't resist climbing out from behind my desk and getting to the Country Living Fair. It was held at the Workshops of David T. Smith in Morrow, Ohio. The ads had been running for weeks and as hard as I tried to ignore the promos, it beckoned. This is the second fair that Country Living magazine has sponsored with the first being in Chicago. We went this past Sunday which was the last day of the fair. Not only was the weather beautiful, but vendors said that the crowds were the thinnest. I heard stories of people waiting for two hours just to get off the highway exit the day before! Yikes! The only regret my husband and I had was the choice to bring three kids. While they were generally well-behaved it was pretty boring for them with the exception of a mini-hay maze to crawl through. We would have loved to have spent more leisurely time browsing and listening to the craft, food and decorating demonstrations (esp. me!), but this was not an option. So enjoy this photo stroll through the grounds with no one pulling on your sleeve asking if it's time to go home yet.

I love the albino pumpkins. And I think I'm going to use this guy for carving inspiration this year.
These stuffed fabric pumpkins are on my to-do list. You know the one that includes everything I'm gonna do as soon as the kids all hit college?
Cara can't resist touching!

Maybe it's a good thing the kids are pulling at our sleeves...I could have spent a fortune here.

I want those flashcards for some new work that I'm doing. However I've seen them at yard sales for MUCH less than $4 each. I ended up making it out with a FarmChick necklace (well two, but one's a gift!) from the pix way top and then a painting by artist Irene Gates. All justified. My birthday is next week!

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