Monday, October 22, 2007

Our School Rules!

The older kids are at school today, but not at this school. This is the satellite institution we've put together in our basement. Classes don't start here until after the real school gets out. This academy opened shortly after I found myself at an auction at an old neighborhood school that was being demolished so that it could be rebuilt. Everything had to go. Entire classrooms including all of the contents (whatever you could carry away or remove with your own tools and sweat) were being auctioned for as little as $10.00. I ended up with desks and chairs, maps, tables, books, a metal file cabinet and more. I can't tell you how much fun my kids and their friends have down here taking turns being students and teachers. And nothing makes me smile more than when they "play" school.

One of my favorite details of the kid school is this little "classroom rules" sign that popped up one day. Mind you I have said these things over and over again to my kids (with the exception of rule #4...which isn't an issue considering we only have one child that can read.) It is reassuring to know that the rules are floating around in their heads even if they don't always follow them. These are good statues for adults too. It's pretty easy to forget "be nice", "we are all friends" and "do your BEST!" Actually if I would change one thing it would be to capitalize the "your" in "do YOUR best" i.e. no one else's best. Otherwise I think my third grader has it down. What a ruler! : )

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