Friday, February 12, 2010

Meet Picasso

Introducing our new two-year-old, bellyrubloving, laid back, tabby boy Picasso. This cat business all started after years of constant kid-pet-pleading resulting in little Penny last May. Shortly after Penny came to live with us, I couldn't help but get Mary Beth's words out of my two cats together were so much better than one. Errrrr....thanks Mary Beth. So after mulling that over for several months, we all decided it was time Penny had a special friend of her own. This past weekend, we drove to the animal shelter and spent a good two hours looking for a young cat that might be a good fit for all of us. Mind you, this new cat would have to pass the "Nora test." A test so difficult and grueling that only one cat (out of 50+) would still be purring at the end. Picasso, you are a *very* special cat.

After a couple days of isolation, we let these two meet. You are witnessing their first interaction. Just look at that Penny offering a firm handshake and 'how do you do." I wish I could say that we haven't had hissing (or even a little growling) over the past couple of days, but I think that they're doing quite well all things considered.

Here they are sitting down together for a staring contest. Fingers crossed that they become great companions and that I can soon completely agree that two cats really are better.


オテモヤン said...
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MB Shaw said...

Omg, I am so glad I am responsible for this madness :-) There will be some hissing and posturing. It will end precisely at the 2 week mark. Seriously, that has been how it worked for us each time, but we were talking about full adult cats. May be less with the age of these.
Love them!!!

Anna Katherine said...

Love seeing the pictures of the kitties AND the lovely rug!! Did AK tell you we have two cats how, too? Miss you! Jana