Monday, November 9, 2009

I can't tell, but you can guess...

This year, I'm participating in Cincinnati's Secret Artworks auction on Friday, November 20th. Secret ArtWorks is a fundraising event featuring the exhibition and sale of 5" x 7" works of art from local, national and international artists. All works of art sell for $75 each. The 'secret' behind each piece is the identity of the artist which is revealed after the work is purchased. ArtWorks is a non-profit arts organization that connects artists of all ages with opportunities in the arts through inspiring apprenticeships, community partnerships and public art.

Check out the hundreds of pieces already submitted for this year's event. I have three pieces among the entries. Any guesses? If you're in the area, tickets to this really fun party that benefits a worthwhile cause can be purchased here. I have my eye on a couple I'd like to be lucky enough to bring home...that's providing we all stay healthy and I can actually attend. By the way, I'm feeling much better (after accepting defeat and going to the doctor)...thanks for the well wishes. : )

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