Monday, April 14, 2008

Learning to Fly

I've been taking a collage workshop at a local art gallery for the last few weeks. It's been too long since I've taken any sort of class and it reminds me how much I enjoy doing so. Sure it's tough committing to several week nights out. Design jobs and kid's schedules need to be juggled, my husband needs to be free to be home with the kids and I have to overcome the guilt involved with doing something just for me (actually that's the easy part ; ). Being among other creative people in a forced art-making environment is invaluable. And if I learn even one new technique from the entire workshop I've reached my goal. (BTW goal reached and surpassed!)

The inspiration for the piece above came from the real bird feathers I found in my instructor's box of scraps. One thing led to another. As the piece evolved, so did a metaphor for making the space in my busy life to take this course. You have to give up a little, to gain more. It's how we learn to fly.

My last class is this Thursday night. I'm hoping to pull off one more finished piece which I'll share soon. I'm also making it a priority to squeeze more workshops and retreats into my overbooked calendar. It's so worth it.

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