Friday, April 18, 2008

Keep the Fire Lit

I wrapped up the three-week collage workshop I've been taking last night. I managed to come out with two finished pieces. "Keep the Fire Lit" (above) is a gift for my aunt for her birthday next week. I used a baby picture from 1949...she was 14 months old. For this piece, I applied a combination of techniques from class including sealing the entire canvas with a final layer of beeswax. The beeswax added another layer of interest and played along quite well with my birthday candle theme.

One easy method of transfer that can be used in collage is the tape transfer method. This is something that I'm sure I played around with as a child—sticking tape to things...peeling the back memory is fuzzy, but there's a glimmer of recognition. I utilized this very simple, inexpensive method for much of the transparent type you see on this piece and "Learning to Fly" from the last post. Here's how:

Tape Transfer Method

1) Tape over the image or words you want to transfer with clear packaging tape or contact paper. Printed images from magazines, books, newspapers, etc. transfer best. I also used ink jet printouts from my computer which transferred, but the effect was more subtle (like the name "Rita" bottom right hand corner). Experiment!

2) Smooth out any air bubbles between the tape and the image with a scrapper.

3) Wet the back of the paper (non-taped side). Begin to lightly scrub the paper away with your fingertips. You may need to add more water and let it soak for a minute or two depending on how heavy the paper you are transferring from is. The print will stick like magic leaving a transparent image on the tape. Tah Dah!

4) Attach the tape transfer with matte medium to your art. Here I transferred a recipe from a vintage cookbook I picked up at a yard sale. I used another recipe from the same cookbook in "Keep the Fire Lit" (upper left hand corner.)

Now I need to do some "transferring" of the 10 patiently-waiting-in-the-driveway mulch bags to my flower beds. Have a great weekend : )



thanks for the cool transfer technique!


June said...

glad you could use. by the way I peeked at your blog and absolutely love your collages! : )