Thursday, March 20, 2008

She's Three

She insisted it be Dora. And I know better than to argue with a soon-to-be-three-year-old over something as important as birthday cake. It took me a day or two to figure out how to make the Dora cake without doing anything crazy like buying a Dora shaped cake pan. I ended up doing the old cake in a bowl trick inserting a princess Dora instead of a Barbie. Nora was thrilled with her cake.

I think three is my very favorite birthday. There is so much excitement...really I expected her to jump right out of her skin. And the best part was that she was so thankful. She thanked me over and over again for her party, for her Dora cake and especially for her very special present from her Dad and me. Oh and she announced that she wants another Dora cake for her next birthday. Of course I know that 12 more months will bring new interests, but for right now I agree that every year should be Dora.

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