Monday, September 10, 2007

St. Louis Art Fair

This past weekend I traveled to St. Louis, Missouri with an old (well not that old!) college chum and colleague. Our main destination was the St. Louis Art Fair, a trip to step away from the everyday (mainly that computer screen) and recharge our senses. The St. Louis Art Fair is ranked as one of the best art fairs in the country. I can see why. Despite some rain and overcast skys we had the pleasure of taking in a plethora of color, pattern and texture. Kudos to all of the hardworking, amazingly creative artists that participated. Here's a few of my favorites...
(above) fiber art by Chris Robert-Antieau Manchester, MI

(above) painting by Stephen Baldauf Winter Springs, FL

(above) 2D Mixed Media by Dolan Geiman Chicago, IL

Speaking of color, pattern and texture we had to take a break for gelato from a little shop along the way...
More art...who can get enough!(above) 2D Mixed Media by Mary Beth Shaw Wildwood, MO

(above) 3D Mixed Media by T.P. Speer and Deborah Banyas Oberlin, OH

On the way back to Ohio, a roadside sign lead us to a quaint antique store (above) nestled in a small Indiana town. While we browsed, records--that's way before CDs kids!--played on a restored phonograph bringing us back in time. My purchases included a reader from the 1800s, a 1926 crossword puzzle book, sheet music and an art catalog from the 1960s.

My mind is refreshed with inspiration from the weekend adventure. I can hardly wait to start creating new art of my own, but first I need to attend to laundry, clients and most importantly my family (I think I was missed!)

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MB Shaw said...

I *loved* meeting you and Amy and almost felt like I had known you forever. You guys are the best. Glad to hear you enjoyed the rest of your trip.
Take care,