Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Fall

Today marks the official first day of fall--my favorite season of the year. I am hopeful that mother nature clues in soon and drops the temperature down about 20 degrees. The past few days have been in the high 80's which is so unfalllike. I want that crisp, invigorating air that fall brings. I'm ready for sweaters, sweatshirts and jeans. I can't bring myself to buy my favorite purplish-colored mums until the weather allows for more infrequent waterings. And pumpkins! Pumpkins shouldn't be hanging out in 80 degree sunshine should they? It has been such a dry, dry summer. Hopefully the leaves will still put on their color show, but I'm thinking that dry summer means less color? Did I read that somewhere? It's a hazy thought...I'm coming off my sick bug so pardon me if I sound a little incomprehensible not to mention a bit whiney.

Atleast my plates know that it is officially fall. I designed and painted these plates years ago with the exception of "winter". My husband and I made it a pottery painting (wine included) date night. As for that winter plate, I wrote the word "winter" to keep the writing consistent, but my husband did the cute snowman and snowflake border with just the smallest amount of art direction (I couldn't help myself and besides he asked). When it came time to figure out a way to display the plates I searched for a wrought iron 4-plate displayer and could only find a 3-plate displayer. I was too impatient to continue the search for long so I decided it would be fun to feature "the plate of the season" separately. Now we rotate with the season getting a special spot on the sidebar in our dining room. My woodworking Dad made the sidebar along with the majority of furniture in our home (look for future posts!) I found the Mexican horse marionette in a New Jersey antique shop last year. I thought this was a fun place for the horse to literally hang out.

Here's to crisp nights, campfires, scarecrows, the color orange, Halloween, pumpkins, gourds, leaf piles, hayrides, mums, apple picking and football games. Happy first day.

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