Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happiness is...

The short list including really good ice cream on an equally delicious sugar cone; night rains so there's no need to remember to water flowers during perfectly sunny days; perfectly sunny days; finishing projects that seemed endless; eating dinner outside; planning vacations; anniversaries; hanging out with old friends; time at the pool with a pile of unread magazines; painting ice cream cones; finding cute shoes in a size 11 (that's not a typo); smores; listening to 5-year-old sandbox banter; sleeping in; being loved; being missed when you go away; having a job that doesn't feel like a "job"; movie nights with buttered popcorn; coffee in the morning; keeping up with the laundry; blue skies; being trusted with preteen secrets; long days and ice cream. It's worth mentioning twice.

"Happiness is..." is available as a print in my etsy shop. Hope you're having sunny days too.


Anke Martin said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!! We enjoy our summer time too this week. Hot and sunny but still ok. Just love summer nights!!!
Smiles, Anke ;0

MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

Just checked out your etsy shop. Love your style!